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You S4 - TV Series Review

This will not be a spoiler free review. Cause I've got to break this shit down.

I must say, this season was a struggle for me to get through. had this been the first season of You, I wouldn't have watched it.

But I'm four seasons in and wanted to know what was going to happen.

The characters were extremely boring. I didn't give a shit about them whatsoever. Even the Margot Kidder looking chick who was Joe's newest obsession was boring to me.

Also, she was very manipulative and I could tell the writers were trying to make me feel sympathy for her. I didn't. Every episode dragged on, and I was trying to figure out what the student character even had to do with the story, because it felt like they were just forcing her in it.

They even had the "Murder mystery" party plotline that was so damn boring. Made me wish I was watching Glass Onion, instead There was a character who Joe always seemed to talk to, that I was very suspicious of and started to wonder if this was some "Fight Club" type shit.

The second half of You revealed that it was. And my interest if the season began to dwindle. I felt like we didn't need them to take that overused plot twist. I was more intrigued when it seemed like two very bad people were using Joe to do their bidding.

Another thing that didn't make sense and I just felt was so stupid was when they finally found use for the literature student, and she found Joe's prisoner, it was decided to NOT call the cops. Why? Because Joe always seems to get away.

Okay, but umm, dumbass, you are locked in a fucking cell and starving to death. Don't you think the cops should be brought to your location, then you get freed and you can tell your story? Them not wanting to call the cops, because the police will just question joe and he'd get away, was just dumb as fuck when you're in that situation. If you honestly believed that, still call the cops to get free and just claim you don't know who locked you up. Simple. Because she didn't know if she would ever see that girl again, gotta take the opportunity when it presents itself.

It was lazy writing all around this season and maybe it's time for Joe to get caught. this was the first time I really wanted him to get what's coming to him.

I actually liked the Kate's dad most of all. he was an interesting villain they underused in my opinion. he could have brought so much more to the season as a serious player.

FINAL VERDICT: GUILTY! WHICH IS THE SAME VERDICT JOE NEEDS TO GET IN COURT. If this is their best after four seasons, I'm not very excited about S5. I also felt it was kind of predictable, because I had called the plot twist before it was even revealed by E2. Man, Bailiff, get this sorry ass season out of my face. Shame on YOU.

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