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  • Reading Order of Books/Series.
    New Haven Series and Odin Chronicles are one series (New Haven Series) combined. This series is completed. New Haven Series Prequels: (These can be read either before you read Chained in Darkness and House of Theoden or after) Théoden Deacon Tylendel (Coming eventually. LOL) New Haven Series: Book 1: Chained in Darkness Season One Book 2: House of Théoden Season Two Book 3: Prince of the City Season Three Book 4: Kingdom of Ara Season Four Odin Chronicles - New Haven Series Season Five Book 5: Come and Get Me Book 6: I Will Make You Mine Book 7: You Will Beg Book 8: You Will Bow Down Book 9: You Will Crave Me Book 10: You Will Obey ( Series Finale) Odin Chronicles Novella (This takes place after the finale: Christmas at Théoden (You can read this free when you sign up for my newsletter.) Adriel Meets The Kings of Odin Colony - A Demon Gate/New Haven series Crossover story. Included when you sign up for my newsletter. (Ongoing/Limited) Road to Carnage Series (Ongoing): (Lords of Chaos) Book Prequel: Man of Carnage (Prequel) Book 1: Outlawed Book 2: Vengeance Book 3: Enforced Book 4: Retaliation Book 5: Payback Book 6: Betrayed Book 7: Punished (Coming Soon) Demon Gate Series (Completed): Book 1: Chosen - Volume One Book 2: Hijinks - Volume Two Book 3: Chance - Volume Three Book 4: Chaos - Volume Four (Series Finale) Gods and Slaves Series (Completed): Book 1: Dominion Book 2: Destiny Book 3: Deliverance- (Finale) Magic & Mayhem Series Book 1: That Mafioso Magic Book 2: Blood Dynasty Book 3: Dark Reckoning (Series Finale) Fated Vigilante Series Book 1: Justified Book 2: Judged Book 3: Executed (Finale) STORIES EXCLUSIVE to VIP members Tier 3 (Beta Capo) and UP The Society - A Demon Gate Spin-off (Completed) The Debt - Road to Carnage Side Story (Completed) Kingdoms - New Haven/Odin Chronicles Spin-off (Ongoing) Ronin Mercs - Fated Vigilante Spin-off (Ongoing) Dark Fairy Tales – Nicholas Bella Style (Ongoing) Title TBA – MPREG Series Coming Soon. Ronin Mercs Series - Fated Vigilante Spin-off Available on Kindle Vella Available for VIP members Beta Capo and up. Collaborations with author Aimee Nicole Walker: Single Book: Undisputed Genesis Circle Book 1: Circle of Darkness Book 2: Circle of Trust Book 3: Circle of Madness (Don't hold your breath. In limbo, may not be written)
  • Do you have a Patreon Membership?
    I used to have a Patreon but closed my page due to its limitations and restrictions. I have created my own subscription platform located on my website. My VIP Rewards is fully loaded with exclusive goodies for members only. Please visit my membership page to see what awaits you when you become a VIP. The digital rewards are located in The VIP Lounge: And you have access to exclusive merchandise in Members Merch. Physical rewards are mailed to members in certain tiers.
  • How Does Your Loyalty Program Work?
    The Loyalty Rewards platform is just my way of thanking all of my site members. You can earn points by joining the site, the Wix Spaces Mobile App (which can be downloaded from the Google Play/Apple Store) Once you do, enter the code: MWFIEM. That will link you to my website through their app. The main reason you can earn points on a daily basis is by being active in the Reader Group on the site. Posting and starting topic. You can click that Loyalty Rewards tab and it takes you to the rewards page. If you're a site member, it will say "View Rewards". If you haven't registered to the site yet, it will say "Become a Member". As members, you can just click the "View Rewards" button and it will take you to your profile, under the rewards section. There you'll see all of your points and how close you are to each reward. You can also access your rewards through your profile. That little drop-down box by your name is on the website. You can edit your profile and everything from the member's area. View the Loyalty Rewards.
  • Where can I find Season One of the New Haven series: Chained in Darkness?
    The first season of the New Haven Series is available in ebook, audio, and paperback. You can purchase the ebook directly from the author on the Nicholas Bella Official Website here: Get Chained in Darkness. Or at Smashwords Click here are the other retailers for audiobook and paperback
  • Will there be more books in the Road to Carnage series?
    OH YEAH! This series will be a long one, as it grows with every new relationship and challenge the Lords have to face. I am not sure how many books there will be in this series, but you can be sure that every new book will be one hell of a wild ride.
  • How can I get an autograph copy of your book(s)?
    I love signing books for fans, and there are two ways to go about getting an autographed book. 1. If you do not have a paperback and want one signed, you can order the book(s) you desire by going to "Get Autographed Books" 2. If you already own paperbacks, or live overseas and would like them autographed, there are two ways. The first and most cost-effective is to purchase a "Book Plate" that Nicholas Bella will sign and you can stick it into your books. They can also be found on the autograph book page. Or you can send them to me your physical book(s) and I will autograph and send them back. (postage not included) You can send them in a SASE to: Nicholas Bella 3500 Posner BLVD #1565 Davenport, FL. 33837
  • Do you have a fan store where I can purchase merch?
    Yes I do! I have some amazing merchandise for you to grab where you can strut your Bellaholic pride. You can find it under "Get Merch" too, in the menu. You can also purchase a gift card for yourself or a loved one that can be used in the stores and to even get autographed books. You can find the egift card under "For the Fans" here: Products are available through my store and manufactured through Printify.
  • Do you have a Reader group?
    Yes, I do. my official Reader Group is here: where all of the juicy bits and information will be. The Bellaholics Fan Club is available to anyone and can be located here: Just click "join" and you'll be added within 24 hours and in most cases, instantly. Thank you for your interest.
  • Do you have character inspiration photos?
    Yes, you will find that under the section labeled "For the Fans. You'll see "Character Inspirations". I update often.
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