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Ronin Mercs series

Action & Adventure/ Gay/
Mercenary/Thriller/ Dark Romance

Mercenaries with superhuman abilities. A ruthless leader who believes money is power. And the one man who could stop him...may just surrender to it all. 

Available on Kindle Vella 

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The Series

On Going

Eric Cayden, Jordan Watts, and Alexi Taylor used to be vigilantes, but all of that ended when Mr. H. invaded their lives, claiming that Eric was his. Not too long ago, the two men crossed paths where Mr. H. gave Eric his superhuman abilities in an experiment. A mistake at the lab resulted in Eric being buried alive, only to rise and flee the dangers he found himself in. To Mr. H., Eric was the one who got away... until now. With his sights set on Eric—who proved to be exceptional in every way—his lover Alexi and his friend Jordan, Mr. H. sees the potential to mold the trio into the life best suited for them. Not as mere vigilantes where their talents were being wasted but as mercenaries for his organization, Ronin.

The Characters

Meet Mr. H

Meet Eric Cayden


Meet Jordan Watts

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Meet Bishop Keong


Meet Alexi Taylor

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