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Book & author Updates

  • Ronin Mercs serial series is available to read in Vella and for VIPs. 

  • I have set up the Loyalty Rewards program here. It's my way of thanking all of my amazing readers. You can earn rewards in a number of ways. Please check out the "Loyalty Rewards" page to learn more. 

  • Payback has been approved and will be available soon.  Samples are available for VIPs.

  • Join the Newsletter to read the serial "Adriel Meets the Kings of Odin Colony" It is exclusive to active newsletter members.  Other free reads are available in the Newsletter Epub. Don't miss out!

  • Currently writing on Betrayed: Road to Carnage Book 6

  • Dark Reckoning: Mages & Mayhem is coming Sept. 29Th!

 Remember to check the Lounge for VIP Updates

  • The complete audiobook of Justified: Fated Vigilante Series has been added for VIPs to listen to for free

  • Chained in Darkness is Available for VIPs to read

  • New Birthday cards have been made and will be sent out for the 7/23-7/24 year. 

  • Alphas and Royals will receive random gifts with VIP letters throughout the year.

  • In addition to these changes, I will be giving 2 signed paperbacks per year to Alphas and Royals, of your choice. So, you'll get to pick which two you want. If you only want one and want to wait for another (like the book hasn't been written yet), please let me know.

  • new chapters were added to a Ronin Mercs. 

  • New chapter added to Exclusive Deleted Scenes Epub

  • New Chapter added Ronin Mercs , The Debt, and Kingdoms. 

  • The first chapter of Betrayed: Road tg Carnage Series is available in the Lounge. 

Latest movie/TV Review

I didn't even know this damn movie was out! Did you? I ain't seent not ONE trailer for it.

I'm a fan of the other 3 movies. Mindless action fun, that's what they are. Like the others, I also enjoyed this one. However, I'm sorry but Megan Fox--though beautiful -- added nothing to this movie. It's almost as if she knows she's just eye candy and nothing goes into her performance.

I think her best performance was Jennifer's Body and that movie was still trash. Anyhow, that was one of my gripes about this movie.

50 cent was also just meh. You're really are there for Sly, Jason, Iko and Tony. So, I was good with that.

What they don't tell you though, is Expendables 4 is actually Transporter 4 because this here movie was a love letter to Jason from Sly.

This movie was Sly writing Jason and telling him, I want you so badly. Let me be your Daddy!

And I was here for it! Ppl who needed to shine, got that chance. It was nice seeing some old action stars again, which I think is the main appeal to this franchise.

Lots of mayhem, bullets, hand-to-hand combat and lame ass dialogue. Your run of the mill plot, and transparent villain, as we've seen this trope many of times. Still, a good time for as had.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT LIKE JUMBO SHRIMP. Once you see the movie, you'll know what I mean. And you'll also know that shit didn't even add up. Bailiff, you can let this movie free to kick ass and ignore names. I hope they add Scott Adkins in the next one.

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