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TV Show Review: The Witcher

I'm sure everyone in the world has been waiting with baited breath for my opinion on this show. Wait no longer, the Judge is here with the judgement. Lol

I remember ppl calling this the GOT killer. First off, GOT killed itself with S8, that garbage. However, S1-7, this show can't touch it.

I thought this show was okay. Truth be told, if Henry Cavil wasn't in it... I MIGHT not have stuck around after ep. 2, which bored the hell out of me.

I watched this with my girl, Aimee and we both had the same opinion in the end.

For me, I loved the first action scene and some of the others, but they didn't impress me as much as the one from ep. 1. I enjoyed the character of Yennifer. I really couldn't care less about the little girl. Mainly because her story is still shrouded in mystery not yet creative enough to keep me piqued.

I hated the time line jumping. If you're going to do that shit, at least put up dates. Especially when you have characters with immortality or life longevity.

Because they did so much time jumping, it was hard to really care about some of the characters that didn't get as much screenplay as The Witcher, the Bard and Yennifer. So, if and when they died, I was like... Okay, whatever. One ep. would show them dead and another ep. would show them alive and I would have to try to figure out which part in the timeline I was in. I didn't enjoy that.

I feel that the plot suffered too, because of that format. It would have done better just flowing naturally as the tale progressed.

Henry's grunting made me chuckle. Could use more nude scenes with him.

I'll check out Season 2.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT BUT I'M NOT SHOWING YOU ANY MERCY. Take your confusing ass back to the drawing board and work out a better plot development for S2. Ain't nobody got time for your lazy attempt to Quentin Tarrantino your script.

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Hey Nicholas! It would have been MUCH better if they had hired you to write their screenplay. Just saying. Overall, I liked the series and am looking forward to S2. The series is based on the original comic book, The Witcher, and the entire first season follows the exact script that was in the comic. I actually HATE when shows do that. It makes the whole show sooooo predictable. Hopefully, the directors will veer off from the Comic Book in S2. And YES, I would have loved to see more nude scenes with Henry Cavill. As more and more Hollywood male stars are showing full frontal nude, they have to know there is a HUGE appetite for t…

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