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TV Show Review - The Sandman

Well, I'll start by saying I've never read the comic, and I wasn't sure if I'd like this series. Still, I was curious to see what it was all about.

I really enjoyed this show and what I liked most about it was that no one storyline was dragged out. there was one overall theme and that was Sandman growing as a character. Changing his ways.

But it was one story after another, but they were also connected. From the first episode, I feared I'd be seeing his naked ass locked in that glass ball for a long time, but nope. They kept it moving and that was something I greatly appreciated. Especially since so many TV shows will just drag out one plotline/villain over multiple episodes/seasons when it's unnecessary. That was refreshing and enhanced my enjoyment.

My friend and I even got into a debate for the episode when he goes to hell and what we thought was his best defense. This is the kind of series that could spark that type of philosophical discussion.

I really enjoyed the main actor, and I can't recall seeing him in anything else prior, but I felt he really captured an immortal being like the Sandman. Plus, his voice was smooth as silk. I wasn't sure if I thought he was sexy at first, but by ep. 2, I was sold.

It had the right amount of humor, a bit of horror, and drama. Ep. 6 was a whirlwind. But probably my favorite, especially when we're introduced to Mr. Gadling.

The only thing I thought was silly was towards the end, the final two episodes concerning the "Cereal Convention."

Spoiler coming, so that I can explain why this part was stupid. Scroll down to FINAL VERDICT if you don't want to read this part.





Okay, now I've been to quite a few conventions, and let me tell you, in NO WAY would a bunch of serial killers would have been able to pull this shit off and not have not ONE person call the police. A "Cereal" convention and not one bowl of Frosted Flakes or Cheeerios to be seen? What the fuck are y'all talking about then? Hotel staff would have stumbled upon the real business going on, especially since they had rooms open with the killers boldly discussing how and why they kill people. Yeah, that ain't gonna fly.




Spoiler over

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT like that damn raven in Ep. 1. TV series, I hope you get a second season because you deserve it. And that bonus episode you blessed us with was so much fun. Keep up the excellent work. Baliff release this show at once and bring me the idiot cop who foolishly arrested it.

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