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TV Show Review - Interview with the Vampire

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

This motherfucka right here did its damn thing, do you hear me?! First off, I LOVE Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. I've read some books more times than I can count.

Having said that, I had to put aside the book-obsessed fan in me so that I could allow myself to enjoy what this show's creators did to her vampires and their world.

I didn't nitpik about every detail that wasn't exactly like it was in the books, because it doesn't really matter. The major issues are still present. The character personalities are still there, and the plot points are hit. We just take a different journey arriving at the connecting points. Anne's vision is enhanced in my opinion. You get to see the same story told from three POVs really. Louis, Lestat's, and Claudia's. The series gives you the aspect Lestat talks about in HIS book that he felt Louis was too petty to mention or just flat-out lied about. it's telling the story at breakneck speeds and still giving you full-course meals. That's why every episode matters. No fillers here. By the time the show ends, I'm like. "What? that's it? oh hell naw! Now I have to wait!"

Mind you, I already know what's coming next. Done read the damn book so many times, and yet this series still leaves me surprised. That's just great story-telling there and acting. All top-notch.

And to have a gay vampire show like this, where it's not on some lame-ass David Decoteau (bless his heart) level is a dream come true to me. Vampires just being vampires is what drew me to the VC series in the first place. No human hunters, no fluffy romance. No fated mates in the traditional sense. It's dark and gritty. Sinister and sexy. Like the book series AND the movie of the same title, it blazes its own trail and shines like the diamond it is.

And kudos to the actors for going the distance with the accents, learning to speak French, tap dance, and piano. That shows just how much they wanted to honor the source material.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT LIKE A CAT THAT JUST WENT OUT OF ITS WAY TO PUKE ON YOUR CARPET! Yeah, I said it. Hollywood, THIS is how you do an adaptation. I honestly feel sorry for fans of the books that refuse to allow themselves to enjoy this tale. Sucks to be you. I'm over here being entertained like a motherfucka! Baliff, release this TV series right away, don't delay one more second. I need a S2 in this bitch. And just go on and fire the cop who brought it in. I bet it was one of those nitpicky book fans.

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