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The Stand 2020

Alright, let's break this shit down. There will be spoilers, because this was pretty much a remake of the 90s 4 episode miniseries which you've probably seen already, if you're checking out this review. Or you've read the book.

I was so excited to see this new remake. The movie, It, was great, even though part two lacked what part one had. Still entertaining. So, I was looking forward to this series. I thought the casting choices for this one was pretty good. Alexander Sarsgaard was a nice fit for Randal Flag. I liked a lot of the cast, but this 8 episode series fell short in so many ways.

It just lacked heart. Scenes that were supposed to have gravitas were meaningless. No demons face was disappointing. Revelations felt forced instead of natural. Deaths that happened didn't have the same impact you had with the first series which told the dame story in half the episodes much better.

Alexander's Randal missed the whole vibe of the original. He did have the fear down and was menacing, but a certain type of evil arrogance wasn't there. The carefree vibe like you know the world is yours that the first series villain had.

Stu was a boring character. He didn't have the personality of Gary S. Version. Like they tried too hard to make him too wholesome.

Whoopie's Mother Abigail lacked the heart Ruby Dees had.

Overall, this series felt manufactured like some cheap shit off an assembly line.

Nadine's character's big "fuck you" to Randal was some ol bullshit. No badass speech, no slow, easy crawl to the edge of the balcony right in his face. None of that. It just came off rushed and damn near pointless.

8 fucking episodes with commercials, mind you. Fuck you CBS for that, by the way. That's why I waited until the final ep to get your whack ass 7 day trial. Take your 30 commiceecials per episode and shove them up your corporate asses!


Fuck this series. And that damn kid who they paid so much attention to, who lacked acting skills, personality and the ability to make me give a shit. I guess he was supposed to be psychic. Stephen King tropes always include a creepy, psychic kid.

FINAL VERFICT: GUILTY!!! How dare you, series, waste 8 hours of people's time and eyeball usage on some shit that could have taken 4 hours. Should have taken 4 since you didn't have anything new to offer. Who raised you? You uncouth bastard. Bailiff, get this wannabe epic imposter out of my face and courtroom. I sentence you to 10 years hard time.

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