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Godzilla X Kong: New Empire - Movie Review

I've seen all of the movies in this franchise and though I have enjoyed them, I always felt like they were just C rated. Mainly because I felt they focused on the humans far too much.

I came to see the Titans, not a bunch of humans talking and running around doing stupid shit. See, tha human element worked in Godzilla Minus One because Godzilla wasn't the hero. And they focused the story around redemption, found family and friends. It showcased the human spirit beautifully. Those were your heroes you rooted for.

So, with this franchise, they made the mistake of always putting the Titans behind the humans. I'm not here for you, give me Godzilla or Kong! Since I'm supposed to be rooting for them.

This movie, I think found that good balance. It still had the human element, but I didn't feel like the humans were more important than the Titans. I appreciated them being able to give me imperative details.

I also enjoyed the villain and the friendship. And also, Godzilla was charged for whatever. He was ready to deal out fists to anyone. Lol. He's always doing the most. 😂

There were scenes where I laughed out loud and of course, scenes I was anticipating and they didn't disappoint. I don't want to give anything away, but I left this movie feeling happy.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT Like a baby ape looking at you with big round eyes. Movie, it took you all six times, but this time, the recipe was spot on for my tastes. Bailiff, release this movie and suspend the cop who foolishly arrested it. You don't fuck with Zilla and Kong.

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