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The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare - Movie Review

Ask me what I do when I have a free gift card to hit the movies? I watch two back to back. This was my second movie of the day.

Now, I knew NOTHING about this movie. I didn't watch trailers, didn't read any synopsis or reviews. I went in totally blind. All I thought I knew was Henry Cavill was in it.

About ten mins in, I was like "This feels like a Guy Ritchie film". Thirty mins in, I was like "I bet this is a Guy Ritchie film, it sure seems like his style".

When the credits rolled I was like "I knew it was a Guy Ritchie Film!".

It's because it's very stylish with great action sequences and witty humor and creative dialogue. I'm sure it was based loosely on real events and ppl, but it was a lot of fun.

The characters had smooth chemistry and you really enjoyed the slaughter.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT AS MY LUST FOR HENRY CAVILL. But this movie had some nice eye candy and made me say "Damn!" Several times. That's high praise from me, movie. You're free to go to cause mayhem to all. Bailiff, set this sexy troublemaker free!

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