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The Outlaws - Movie Review

I read the premise of this movie and thought it'd be fun to see a movie where the in-laws were criminals.

I even saved this movie to my watch list.

I even gave this piece of shit 98 mins of my precious time.

I would have better spent that time watching my dog lick his ass.

The actor who starred in this movie should have been my first clue. He has yet to make a movie that I thought was worth the the time the caterer spent making the crews craft table.

But this is what I get for trying to have hope for a Netflix action/comedy.

They tried to rely on gross humor, slap stick humor, stupid character humor, cliche humor and none of it was good.

Not even enough action to make this remotely entertaining.

I'm mad about this bullshit. I'm still watching it as I write this review.

And this script was written BEFORE the Writers' Strike...those writers need to be ashamed of themselves for this cheap, tacky, lazy ass mess.

That's It. This move isn't even over yet, but I'm ready to pass judgement.

FINAL VERDICT: GUILTY AS FUCK! Damn you, movie. If I ever see you on the street, imma whoop your ass for 98 mins. That's how much of my life you stole. Bailiff, throw this bitch under the jail!

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1 comentário

09 de jul. de 2023

I can’t stand the guy 🤮 thats not Pierce (I’m wondering now if it’s not Pierce) he gives me the creeps and I don’t think he’s funny at all 👎

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