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The Old Guard

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

I had been excited to watch this little movie since I'd heard about it last month. I'm a fan of Charlize Theron and was looking forward to watching her kick ass in this movie. Right away, let me say that the action is top-notch. You can tell the actors put a lot of hours into the choreography. it was exhilarating to watch the battle scenes. Almost reminded me of the movie, "Equilibrium". The moves were that fancy.

The plot is where I was a bit let down. it had way more potential to explore the Characters and what lives they've led. You get glimpses, but it's not enough. Like, you never find out how some of them really met and how did they become so close. It's very glossed over. The plot focused instead on your average evil big pharma villain who wants to create the ultimate cure. This guy not only looked like a cartoon character, he was one. Straight out of a damn Ninja Turtle storyline. This is where the story grew weak to me.

I still enjoyed the movie, but it was the characters and what I wanted to know more about them that kept me entertained. That and the action. I also liked the new character that got introduced. However, I feel the movie would have benefitted better by not having that introduction. I get the writers were trying to show us how they come to be, but you still don't really know how and why them. Also, they attempted to show how longly immortality could be by vaguely explaining all the loss one suffers over time, but even that was all on the surface.

Now, I'd be a damn fool if I didn't bring up the gay couple in the series. Even though there wasn't any sex scene between them, which is a crime in itself, you could feel the love and devotion between the two male actors. I wanted to learn more about their relationship too.

I do look forward to a second movie they are trying to turn this into a franchise.


back into the life of mediocrity when you have such a bright future ahead of you.

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1 Comment

Not V. Important
Not V. Important
Aug 02, 2020

Hi. I liked this movie also but I agree the characters needed more plot development. The wall at the end of the movie was most interesting. It blew my mind that between Charlize's character who was around for millennia and the rest of the crew hadn't figured out the why of their situation. They also glossed over them randomly dying all of a sudden which obviously was their lack of belief that killed them.

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