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The Hitcher - Retro Movie Retrospect

The Hitcher (1986) is truly one of the rarest of classics.

The fact that the killer had a death wish, but didn't just want to die in any kind of way. He wanted to be killed by someone worthy of the mantle.

The one who was smart enough to get away from him. The boy was probably the first to ever do it. And that was psychotic love at first sight for the killer.

He wanted to mold the boy into his own image and as the movie progresses, you see the boy transform from innocent and naive, to ruthless and coldblooded. He no longer had any fear and only wanted his vengeance.

And that's when the killer was happy. To see himself in the boy's eyes. That's why whenever the boy was in a predicament he couldn't get out of, he was there to make the way. But not before seeing the choices the boy made.

It is one of the most thought-provoking films ever made and a favorite of mine. Kudos to Jennifer, Rugter, and C.Thomas for their stellar performances.

FINAL DIAGNOSIS: CRAZY GOOD FUN of the darkest kind.

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Sep 13, 2023

I haven’t seen this movie, but I love watching Rutger. I loved him in Blade Runner with Harrison Ford. I hadn’t known that Rutger had died


I haven't seen the other 3 movies, but I did see The Hitcher many years ago. Rutger did an outstanding performance and was totally psychotic and scary. Like you said a thought provoking fantastic movie.

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