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The Dead Don't Die

So, the dead don't die in this movie, but you might, from boredom, if you watch this shit.

Who would have thought a zombie movie starring Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray and Adam Driver would have been so damn tiresome? What should have been in the same vein as Shaun of the Dead, was anything but. It was as if it wanted to be that good, but a zombie wrote the script and directed the movie, hence it's lifelessness.

I feel cheated after having to endure this travesty of a film. It's not fair that my time was wasted like this. Someone owes me some kind of compensation. My name isn't Karen, but damn it! I need to speak to the manager about this shit!

It started off with an interesting premise that the earth was off its access and therefore things were just out of whack. So, when the dead begin to rise, you buy that explanation. But... uaaaahhhhhh, it's drags and drags with dry acting and line delivery. I think I chuckled only once and towards the end when it was apparent, they all were giving up. Also, these are some wasteful zombies, leaving whole bodies pretty much intact.

FINAL VERDICT: GUILTY as the hell that should have kept this movie locked up in the deepest level, never to have seen the light of day on earth. Damn you, Satan, for slipping this evilness in our realm. Bailiff, get this movie out of my sight and if you happen to beat the shit out of it in a dark corner, I pardon you.

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