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The Batman

Well, I saw the new Batman and I can say that my ass felt every piece of those 3 hours. Yes indeed. I have some pros and some cons.

But first, I'll say this. If your ass is tired, don't go see this movie, or probably any movie because nobody wants to hear your loud snoring ass throughout the whole film. This one dude snored so loud, he defeated Imax Dolby Digital audio's enhanced surround sound speakers. They were no match for his zzzzz.

My second gripe, $15 dollars for a bottled water and a small popcorn!!!! Are you fucking shitting me?!?! A damn Smart water, but with a stupid price. Imma drink on this water sparingly. Imma take shots like it's vodka.


Okay, moving on to the actual movie. Patterson had the image of Batman. The fear he could induce in ppl came across well. This was very much a Batman movie. Very little was Bruce Wayne. But you could tell that this was the version who is still trying to find himself and is still depressed. Lost. You do get that vibe.

Lots of slow movement, stillness, low animation. Not much from Bruce Wayne was in this as far as human interaction and emotion. A disconnect even from Alfred, but that was intended. You could tell that he felt more comfortable in his skin as Batman than Bruce. And there was no billionaire playboy to be seen. I don't know if that was the direction the directed wanted Patterson to take Wayne, but it did make for less interesting scenes. So, I guess it was good there wasn't as many.

Not too many action scenes. But there were some well choreographed ones. Especially if you could see them. Made me wonder if this director also filmed the Nightwalker war in Games of Thrones in S8. 😂 The final action scene was cool to watch. But the first one you get in the movie was probably the most brutal.

I enjoyed the mystery, this had a thick plot with a well calculating villain, who just had schemes for days. The pacing could use some more editing. No end credit scene just for a heads up.

Batman is just as crazy as the villains if you ask me. There was a chase scene that made me question if he does shit because he knows he can get away with it. No matter who dies.

So, yeah, he won't use guns or purposely kill ppl...but... Ppl have died around him when he's pursuing his prey. You'll see what I mean.

Robert has a nice chin for Batman, the suit fits him well. And one thing I really enjoyed was seeing how he used his gadets and how his suit helped a lot. You also got to see him grunting and groaning and limping in pain. Added that human aspect to his Batman persona. I also really liked the connection between him and Gordon. The trust and how Batman was integral to the crimes and mystery.

Another thing I enjoyed was seeing Batman be the detective. Thinking in the moment and trying to figure out the real meaning behind the riddles. Imma tell you now, those riddles went over my head. Lol. I was sitting back waiting for Batman to tell me the answers. See, this is why I don't play Wheel of Fortune. Lol.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT like a Gotham baby. Michael Keaton is still my fav. Batman, I also like Ben Affleck. Christian Bale was cool too. And Val. Basically everyone but George Clooney. I think we can all agree on that. Bailiff, please kindly escort this movie out of my courtroom and bring me the cinema cop who arrested it. We need to have words.

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4 commentaires

Cynthia Dean
Cynthia Dean
04 mars 2022

I can't do it. I still feel DC fucked up with Him & Ben as far as Batman. Twilight ruined him for other movies to me. After portraying Edward its hard for me to see him as anything but.

Cynthia Dean
Cynthia Dean
04 mars 2022
En réponse à

I forgot He did Tenet with Denzel son. I agree. He was good in that movie.

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