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Suicide Squad 2021

Okay, so I enjoyed the first Suicide Squad movie as much as a comic book fan like me could. There was a lot of shit wrong with it. But that soundtrack seduced me.

Anyway, this movie was so much better. I actually hate that we're in the middle of a pandemic because I think movie audiences would have really enjoyed watching this on the big screen.

I enjoyed the characters, the banter between them. It's so nice to see a Rated R superhero movie done well. You could tell they let the director have his cake and eat it too and it paid off.

This movie wasted no time being gritty, grimy, bloody, and fucking hilarious. I was laughing my ass off even before the credits ran.

The acting was convincing enough, as in the past I found the character of Colonel Flagg to be boring and one note. He actually had some life blown into his character in this film.

Margo Robbie does a great job with the Harley Quinn character. you can tell that she really understands her. I will say that I think they make her a little too badass. It's like, I'm watching her doing all this merc work and thinking to myself... yeah, you taking on whole armies single-handedly, but your ass still can't defeat Batman or hell, even Robin? I call shenanigans. Anyway, I still had fun.

Idris was utilized better in this movie than he ever was at Marvel, with his sexy ass. You got to see him stretch his comedic chops. He and John Cena played well off each other too.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT LIKE A BIRD IN THIS DAMN MOVIE. Now, go forward and tell Marvel that making a fun comic book movie doesn't always have to be PG-motherfucking-13!!! Baliff, this movie is free to act a fool out there in those cinema streets.

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1 commentaire

I have to agree with your analysis.. I just have one question.. the weasel! I mean what the actual Fuck!!! I’m dead!! I hope to see more adult fucking DC in the future!! Thank you Sir Nicholas for your always in depth reviews.. 🤪😂😂😂

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