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She-Hulk TV Series Review

Okay, I'll admit the first episode of this show didn't wow me. I felt it had issues. Like Jen/She-hulk "awakening" and training was just rushed. I felt like she wasn't taking anything seriously and to be honest, very Mary Sue. Considering she didn't have to go through everything that Hulk had to struggle with. It all just came naturally to her without any learning curve.

I personally don't like that. It's one of the reasons why Rey from Star Wars was uninteresting to me. It's also why most Marvel villains become basic once you get to e final fight. The hero had to go through the journey to learn how to use/control their abilities, but somehow the villain gets the same powers and they just know how to do everything it took the hero weeks/months/years to master.

So, the first episode was rocky to me, and it took me a while to get back to the series... like 7 more weeks. Then I was able to watch the whole series up to ep. 8 (which was the best out of the whole series). This was the comedic, lighthearted side of Marvel, and I just sat back and laughed here and there. Nothing was too deep, but they did have a sinister plot going on on the side and I was intrigued as to where they were going with that.

After getting some good stuff in Ep. 8, I was looking forward to the finale and when I watched it, I had mixed feelings. In one way, I felt it was brilliant and in another, I felt it was cheapened.

  1. Yes, there was a lot of wall-breaking throughout, but in this episode, it was enough to take me out of the show altogether. But it was interesting to see where they took it.

  2. After getting the ending she felt she deserved, I felt cheated as someone who was invested in the sinister plot. It was just swept away with nothing truly original done with it. So, it was like, why bother with that part of the series if this was the best you can come up with?

  3. The ending came so fast, I got whiplash and realized that I didn't even care about how it all got resolved. Like, after the fourth wall break, the show lost all steam.

Since this didn't happen, this is what I thought they were going to take the sinister plot. I figured they were looking for a way to kill She-hulk by using her DNA against her. I knew not to expect any epic battle because the show didn't feel like that, but that, I figured the show could do, and that didn't happen.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT but let me tell you, you're a bad lawyer. There, I said it. And another thing, don't leave a set up for an epic climax if you don't have anything epic to show. Also, who's going to pay for the property damage she caused? We just gone sweep that under the rug too? Bailiff, please release this TV show, but I'm still giving you the side-eye, show for doing the Fast and Furious ending Fast and Furiously.

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