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Shazam!:Fury of the Gods - Movie Review

I am not one of those ppl who are feeling superhero fatigue. However, I do want originality.

I love action movies, so to me, superhero movies fall into that category, so... I'm always here for it.

Now, having said that, I will say that I wasn't a huge fan of the first Shazam movie. I just thought it was cool. But it felt like it was all over the place with its theme. Like, did it want to be PG-13 or light r.

I also wasn't that much a fan of Billy. This movie was in the same vain as the first one. Had some new villains to deal with and I think the dialogue was pretty standard. They said your typical villain lines that both Marvel and DC are relying on a bit too heavily, IMO.

Clever dialogue can go a LONG way into enhancing the characters and scenes. They never let you forget that these are children which is cool. However, I did find myself only somewhat annoyed with the older kids. Only because I felt like they needed to not have so much banter in between the fights. Like... let's take this seriously. ppl are dying.

But this wasn't a bad movie. I just don't think I need to see it again. Not like Black Panther or The Batman, I wanted to see those more than once. This is up there with the first movie. The Action was cool, but nothing amazing.

And when I say that, a good example of some unique action scenes between superpowered beings is the Witch Subversion movies. Both 1 and 2 kick ass.

It did get a few chuckles out of me, but I felt the humor was spread on pretty thick. Also, it was predictable. However, I will say that at least it had a body count, which is rare in a DC movie since Man of Steel.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT, BUT ONLY BECAUSE THE WITNESSES REFUSED TO SHOW UP TO TESTIFY. Movie, you got lucky. And quite frankly, it hurt my feelings to see a certain cameo knowing what happened behind the scenes. *Shakes head* The sacrifice better be worth it, because I'm not seeing the point of keeping things as they are with select characters. In any case, Bailiff, you can send this movie on its tired ass way.

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Mar 24, 2023

Have you watched Hell dogs or the Fable 1 and 2? All on Netflix starring Junichi okada.

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