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Retrospect on The Last of us.

I wanted to add this retrospect regarding Joel's decision. This is a spoiler, which is why I didn't include it in the review.

In the series Joel pretty much kills everyone to save Ellie. Because the Fireflies planned to kill her to get her brain. You have a lot of ppl saying Joel was selfish and he doomed humanity. But let me throw this out at you.

How were they even going to run proper lab tests? They probably would have ran out of brain before or if they came up with a cure. How were they even going to distribute it? Raiders would have killed them before that happened and taken the cure from them. Or Fedra, because everyone would want control of a working cure. And many more ppl would have died. Some say Joel is selfish, and he was. But that cure would have been the beginning of even more wars and violence, greed and control.

And what if the disease mutated like it did the first time? This is a world where everyone has to make the best of it. So, I get why Joel did it. Happiness is hard to come by.

They didn't ask Ellie her choice and they didn't even bother to let them say goodbye. What the hell did they expect? They didn't even help Joel get her there or were at the locations they said they'd be at. Fuck the Fireflies.

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