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Red, White, and Royal Blue - Movie Review

I've crossed oceans of time zones to be with you. 😂

Got around to watching this movie.

What I liked about it was the clever writing and banter. Anyone who knows me or who have read my books know I LOVE witty conversations and personalities.

It had it's dramatic moments, but I could tell this wasn't going to be that type of movie that gets gritty with the reality of a couple of their making.

Naw, this was the diet coke of that tale. Just enough calories, but not enough to make you feel regret.

And that's just fine. I was happy to see some steam, not enough to fog up my glasses, or make me wipe sweat away, but I did smile.

I also love the cast. They all had great chemistry.

AND the guy who played Henry had a sexy voice and accent. He almost reminded me of Justin from QAF.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT LIKE THAT DAMN CAKE WAS. It didn't deserve its fate, but this movie deserves that rating. Make no mistake, it played it safe. But it was fun and cute, which was entertaining. And is it just me or did Alex's eyelashes make it to England before he did Those mofos were loong! Anyway, Bailiff, release this movie with its clever charm.

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