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Movie Review: The Gentlemen

I really wanted to see this movie because it seemed like it was right up my alley and it was.

This movie returns Guy Ritchie to his original form back in his Snatch days. Witty and fresh dialogue, a plot that was fun to unfold. Great characters, I think Colin Farrell was my favorite. The role just really fit him. Mathew M. And Charlie H. Were also fun and worked very well together. Hugh Grant kept me giggling and he worked his role, which with a less talented actor, could have been a disaster.

The action wasn't only in the bullets and punches, but in the verbal abuse.

I really enjoyed it and Guy Ritchie owed Charlie a good movie after King Aurthur. Lol.

I would love to see it again. It's a keeper.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT like a cat caught scratching the sofa? What? They ain't doing nothing wrong. Little furry bastard, BUT I DIGRESS! Bailiff, release this movie this instant. It's free to tickle fancies the world over.

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I would not have bothered with this movie at all, but after your review, I am inclined to give it a go. Please tell me there is at least one scene with Charlie Hunnam shirtless, or a naked ass scene! Then it would really be worth my time to watch it.

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