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Midnight Mass

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Okay, finished watching season 1. It was interesting concept and was fun trying to put together the pieces.

But JESUS CHRIST holding big baby Jesus in a holy bassinet. They damn near bored me out of mind in series with all the damn monologues.

It's like they rarely had realistic conversations. Just the show stopped to give these characters about 5-15 mins time to have a damn speech.

You can just see, when two ppl get together, the room go black and the spotlight lights them up for their speech-a-fying, like they're trying to win Oscars. Lol.

It reminded me of listening to ppl high as fuck wanting to talk philosophy and your sober ass don't feel like hearing it.

It helped to have a book handy. However, by the end of ep. 4 I was fully invested. A twist happened that I didn't predict and I normally see twists coming a mile away. So when one sneaks up on me, I am VERY pleased.

As for pacing, this show probably could have been 4 episodes. But I enjoyed it still, once I got past all the talking and preaching.

Some dumb decisions were made, but ultimately, it was an entertaining finale. I think there is a season 2.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT like the Virgin Mary. If there is a season 2, I do hope they put a gag on all the speeches. Other than that.. let's have at it. Baliff, let this movie free to preach on a corner.

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