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Megan - Movie Review

Man, getting through this movie was a challenge. And it wasn't because of the movie. It was because of the 8 little products of peoples' cum gremlins who just wouldn't shut the fuck up throughout the entire run time.

These kids would make me want to homeschool if I had kids. Fuck socialization. I could go on forever ranting, because this movie had annoying kids in it, and apparently annoying kids watching it.

But, enough about them, I really enjoyed this film. What I think helped is that I didn't watch any of the trailers. I saw clips of her dancing and that made me want to see this goofy ass movie.

But what I liked is that Megan had personality. She was calculating, creepy, and full of sass. I would have been good with a higher kill count and some blood. Not any gore in the movie. Felt PG-13 really. Wasn't the least bit scary.

It had its humorous scenes, and they didn't feel forced in. Of course, it was predictable to me. I knew how it was going to end, especially when you get introduced to the a key player for the final battle in the beginning.

It was fun, felt like a Terminator X (the T3 female Terminator) had a baby with Chucky, kind of vibe. It does take a little while for Megan to start her shenanigans, but once she gets going, it's a silly and entertaining ride.

A lot of the characters are very unlikable, some redeem themselves, others you're happy to see get dealt with. Only one, I felt didn't deserve it.

Also, I wanted to see her dance more, to be honest.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT LIKE A TOY WITHOUT AI. Barbie, G.I. Joe, and My Buddy ain't killed no one. I can't say the same about Cabbage Patch dolls, though. And I'm highly suspicious of Teddy Ruxpin and Tickle Me Elmo. In any case, nothing good comes from putting total dependence into AI. When will we ever learn? I guess when the machines take over and see the human race as slaves or nuisances, but by then, it'll be too late. Bailiff, you can release this movie, but we all need to stay cautious around this creepy, crazy ass, big-eye robot.

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Terry-Ann Wilson
Terry-Ann Wilson
Jan 06, 2023

haha not chucky's offspring!!! :) I know what my weekend watch is gonna be now. thank you

Terry-Ann Wilson
Terry-Ann Wilson
Jan 08, 2023
Replying to

It's not here in the UK yet!! next friday the 13th. :(

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