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Matrix Resurrections Movie Review

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Man, who was out here in these movie streets asking for this time waster? This life drainer? This ass fuck without lube? Who, I ask you, WHOOOOO?

Now, I adore me some Keanu, but he slept walked his way through this movie. And that's saying a lot since he is a great human, so-so actor. The first Matrix should have been a one and done. Instead, the studio got greedy and forced the writers and creators to make these silly ass sequels that don't make no damn sense.

I hate when a movie talks AT you and that's all these Matrix sequels have been. Pretentious lectures regarding some shit you really don't care about.

I spent the whole movie saying. "We've seen this before." And "how long are we going to have to watch this movie before Neo realizes he is the most powerful person in and out of the Matrix?"

It just really had no purpose, this film. But I also feel that way about the same story being told from a different POV. That's what this felt like, which meant nothing really new came to the forefront. And you were watching a rehash of a story already told and told better in the first movie.

So... Boo this movie, booooo!

FINAL VERDICT: GUILTY like the crime it was to have the Architect talk at me to death in the sequel. Not even the parody of that on SNL could save it. Anyway, movie, I sentence you to hard labor in a maximum state prison. Not Fed. That's too good for your trifflin ass. Bailiff , get this overrated mess out of my face! Got the nerve to open in theaters too, during a damn pandemic, like you're worth the risk!

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Oh' boy,,, I guess it was probably to wring a few dollars with the least amount of work


I agree with Cynthia!!


Cynthia Dean
Cynthia Dean
Jan 13, 2022

I haven't seen this movie yet. After reading Ur review, I will not be wasting my time watching. Thanx

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