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Last Voyage of the Demeter - Movie Review

I had been waiting for this movie to come out for at least 5 years. I didn't think it'd ever get made. Back then, it was supposed to star Viggo Mortensen.

I think the subject matter was great material because it's based on one chapter from Dracula. Not even a full one, so you had room to be as creative as you wanted. And it was fun to watch this prequel knowing full well that it doesn't end well for the crew of the Demeter.

It was just a lot of dark, suspenseful, gory fun. Dracula was pretty scary looking and they played well with shadows and mist. They pulled no punches, so trigger warnings I'll post after my judgement.

The story was solid, the action was just the right amount to keep you on the edge of your seat. It's filmed in a way that you actually have hope for some members surviving even though you know how the boat arrived at Carfax Abby.

Not a lot of humor, especially after the first half. It was just entertaining. You don't really feel the 2 hour time.

I know one thing, I would have fucked Drac's plan all up if he wasn't smart enough to take me out first. Cause I'm setting the whole ship on fire at high noon, when the sun is baking a mofo, then getting my ass in a lifeboat and peddling away. Let's see you survive that, ya bastard!

But that's just me.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT LIKE A PUPPY LEAVING A PUDDLE OF PISS. You better say "awwww" then clean it up. I am glad to say that after the long wait, this movie didn't disappoint...unlike that rat shit That came out about Dracula last year. The Invitation... Wish they had cancelled the affair. What a waste of a sexy Dracula on that PG 14 nonsense. This movie had the DECENCY to be rated R.

Anyway, Bailiff, you can release this movie immediately. There's blood to be drained.





Spoilers for trigger warnings:

Be prepared for animal and kid carnage. Drac does not care.

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