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Last of Us - TV Series REVIEW

I'll start off by saying that I've never played the video game. So, I didn't know the story, other than a man and girl are trying to survive a zombie apocalypse.

So, I went in fully ignorant. And boy, did I have one hell of a time.

This is one of the best TV shows to ever hit our screens. I've seen game play of the episodes after I've watched them, and it's damn near identical, so they really wanted to do the original source material justice.

They even had some of the voice actors playing parts in the series. Now, that is respect.

I know ppl were complaining that Joel wasn't badass enough, but I beg to differ. His character was hardcore from the very beginning. The actor portrayed the calm coldness he had when he needed to be ruthless. There was also plenty of action for me, as well as drama.

Then ppl were complaining about the zombies. That there wasn't enough of them. But I felt like this series wasn't about them just shooting zombies every episode. But more of a human connection and development.

See, I'm probably one of five people on the planet who loved Season two of The Walking Dead. That's a season so many ppl hated. Said it was boring, but I loved it. You got to understand the character more and see them grow. I felt the same approach was taken in this show in a way. I enjoyed that I got to watch the relationship between Joel and Ellie blossom. I also loved the detours that gave insight on other characters or flashbacks.

It was a bold move and it paid off for me.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT LIKE A MOTHERFUCKA. I loved this series and wish I could watch season two right now. I might have to watch the gameplay. Also, these got to be the nastiest looking zombies I've ever seen. Just fungus and tentacles and shit growing out of eyes and mouths creeped me the fuck out. Ugh! heebee geebees, all day. Bailiff, release this show and bring me to cop who wasted all of our time arresting it.

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