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Helstrom - TV Series

I had a lot of high hopes for this TV show when I first heard about it, but a few episodes in, I knew it was not going to live up to my expectations or its full potential. A series about two siblings with supernatural powers hunting demons is supposed to practically write itself into gloriousness. But whoever came up with this plotline has no idea how to build interesting characters, craft action or an engaging plot. I swear this shit bored the hell out of me, but I kept trying to hang on hoping it would pick up the pace.

You may be asking, but Nick, where did it go wrong? I'll tell you. First off, the main characters lacked personality and charisma. it also didn't help that they were at odds with each other in the beginning, having been separated for so many years. So, the brother/sister bond you were hoping for wasn't there.

Not to mention the main characters just kept doing stupid shit, like leaving dangerous artifacts where innocent ppl can get them and get themselves into trouble, thus causing unnecessary trouble for everyone. Excuse me, but I thought you were professionals? Again, WTF? The two most interesting characters were the side characters.

I kept asking... okay, where are the demons at? Alright now, this is episode 4, where the demons at? Episode 6, still no really good demon activity? WTF? I mean, Supernatural packed more into one episode than this show did in one season. I think i gave up by episode 8. I will only allow a TV series to bore the shit out of me for so long before I toss it to the curb.

FINAL VERDICT: Guilty of being a show about demons with no imagination. How dare you stand in my courtroom and act like you've got something to prove! Baliff, get this travesty out of my face. I sentence you to twenty years of hard labor in maximum state prison.

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04 de dez. de 2020

Your shit is what needs to be made into movies... Instant cult classics.... I'm getting wet just thinking about the possibilities...

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