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Godzilla Minus One - Movie Review

I didn't even know this movie was coming out. But I saw a quick clip of it on one of my favorite reviewers top fav list last year.

So, I thought I missed my opportunity to see it at the theater. But then I saw one of my local theaters was playing it. Only 1 time slot at 8:30pm. --disrespecful as fuck-- if I may say so.

But anyway, I went and even though it said "color" on the ticket, the entire movie was in black and white. It was also subtitled. Neither aspect bothered me. Both added to the authenticity of the country and time period it took place in.

But I'll say that this is the best Godzilla movie I've ever seen. And the Big G was a Big A(asshole) in this movie. Old school menace and I loved it.

Great special effects and all that. I especially liked the added effect of Godzilla charging up. But what really stood out to me, and something I've always complained about regarding the human element in these movies about giant monsters.

They always focus too much on humans who don't have a real story to tell. They're just there to be an excuse for the monsters. So, therefore, I'm more invested in watching the monster wreck havoc.

Godzilla Minus One did it right. The human characters made you care. You wanted them to overcome their issues, find happiness IF they could survive and you NEEDED them to survive. You were invested in their journey and cheered them on. The main characters and the side characters were well fleshed out and added to the heart of this story.

Well balanced, emotional, great action. I was on the edge of my seat and I experienced what the characters felt when they were up against this unstoppable force.

I know one damn thing. Every time that theme song kicked off, I kept hearing this song in my head.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT like a puppy who chewed up your favorite book. (That shit happened to me once) Movie, you are a positive role model for other Kaiju movies, a blueprint, if you will. You are free to go and stomp all over your weak ass competition. Bailiff, release this movie at once!

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Thanks, Nicholas, for the great review. It certainly pleased you, which is good But then all your movie reviews are wonderful, always interesting and gives your readers a good insight to the novel.I will wait for it to be released on Netflix or something. I don't go to theaters anymore. I had a nasty encounter and incident a few years ago, so I stay away from theaters. Again, thanks.

Replying to

I love writing them in order to express my appreciation for story-telling. I love being captivated by someone else's imagination, that's why i'm a movie/TV buff and reader. I'm really happy you enjoy my reviews. :D

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