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Favorite Vampires

Of course, top of my list is my own creation, Theoden, but he wouldn't be if not for these others that I love and have been inspired by. I've been a fan of vampires since I first saw Fright Night at the show when I was 5 years old.

The first five were my inspiration for Theoden.

Jerry Dandridge was just the sexiest, coolest badass that ever bit a neck to me. So, he was my first love. He was actually very reasonable, willing to let Charley live if he could leave him alone. Just don't piss him off.

Next up, David. Sexy, loves being a vampire and seductive.

Next up, Severen. Loved him because like David, he wasn't a tortured soul. He loved being a vampire and killed indiscriminately . He knew how to live it up.

The master of them all. This vampire was just badass and smooth. Had the BEST lines. LaCroix. If you know, you know.

Now, this next vampire changed the game. Lestat. Love my Makers who can't let their fledglings go.

Lestat lead me to my favorite Vampire from that series. Armand. This version of him makes me love his slick, sexy, devious character even more.

Next up is one sexy badass. Unpredictable as hell. Klaus.

I've got a thing for Brothers, because I love this guy too because he also loves being a vampire and you just don't know what he's gonna do. Damon.

Another vampire that just melts my butter for all the right reasons. Eric.

He is such a great maker to Pam, not Willa, though. But Pam was raised right and that's why she's on my list.

This vampire was too cool for school and the only reason why that Blade TV show was good. His accent alone was deadly. Marcus.

Klaus was also a good maker and that's why Marcel is on my list.

What list would be complete without this bad boy! Spike.

I love a vampire that puts family first. And being deadly while being fashionable. Elijah.

This was another cool vamp. One who loves it up. Loved him. Josef.

This version of Dracula was just funny. If shit talking was a vampire. Alexander Lucard.

This version of Louis is everything. Love how he can snap off.

What I loved about Henry is that he enjoyed being a vampire too, but he also didn't take any shit. Charming, but honest.

Anime vampires. The most dangerous of them all. Hellsing Alucard is higher on my list because he loved being a vampire. Feeds freely. Castlevania one because he's just badass.

  1. Alucard, both version will fuck you up.

  2. Dio, it takes a JoJo to deal with him.

This is is my list. There are other vampires I do like, but these are the ones I loved. The ones that made me addicted to their stories.

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