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Fatal Affair

I'm still watching this movie as I write this review, so warning, there are going to be spoilers. These writers never met a cliche they didn't like. When coming up with the script, they were like...what's been done before, and done to death?

Well, let's see:

Old flame enters life and attraction ensues

2. Crazy mofo is a hacker

3. So called best friend or family member chooses crazy mofo they JUST started dating over you, who they've known for years.

4. Hear creepy shit in the dark...make sure you don't turn on the lights. You don't want to actually see who's broken in and is about to kill you.

5. The spouse is clueless as they are befriended by crazy mofo.

6. Break into crazy mofo's house to discover proof.

7. In the case of the husband being clueless to the threat, he is also not equipped to fight. And is always so gentle and doesn't deserve the indiscretion.

8. Come up with stupid reason for "affair". And when it's exposed, it's always "i didn't mean to hurt you".

9. Shallow characters with only a few key personality traits to get the story going.

10. Cops will be useless.

I knew I was in for it when the crazy mofo posed for the introduction. Turning with his sly smile trying to impress. Lol!

This movie was a hot mess, but also entertaining in the sense that he went a little batshit. The acting was dialed in for many scenes. I mean, I really didn't feel the love the husband and wife were supposed to have. They were just so damn bland when on the screen.

This movie would have benefitted from more craziness from Omar's character. To counteract all the boring non character development. Just go all in like in Cape Fear. But crazier.

This movie wanted to be like Fatal Attraction, but it's good to want things. Harder when you half ass your way to it.

I'm just glad there weren't any animals harmed in the movie. Lol.

Okay, I've got 14 mins to go in this movie. Bare with me. Okay. So you go into your night... and don't turn on any lights? What the fuck? You worried about the damn light bill?

So, now, you're racing home. Maybe these police should have done a better job identifying the body

Height, dental records, etc.

Okay, so now you're at home and don't turn on the lights. What the fuck do these ppl have against seeing clearly? Especially when you know you're in danger.

What is his plan? That if he kills her family that would make her want him?

Why is the first thing you do is untie their mouths and NOT their hands.

The police sent one cop that is sure to be incompetent. ...yep, died as soon as he arrive on the scene. Didn't even get out the car.

Why do ppl help others run off with them? If someone is trying to drag you away, go limp!

This useless ass husband per the list of cliche.

Oh, you just know he ain't dead. Now, I'm just waiting for the reveal that he's still crazy and stalking.

Damn, they are a boring fucking couple. What the hell was the husband like BEFORE she felt like she was waking up next to a stranger, is what I want to know.

FINAL VERDICT: GUILTY AS FUCK. Everybody saw what you did, you piece of shit. You arrived on Netflix pretending like you was good. Shame on you, movie. I sentence you to 10 years hard time. I hope your cell mate is A Fall From Grace. That movie is doing two consecutive life sentences. Plenty of time for you to bond over your crap.

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Cindy Gentry
Cindy Gentry
Aug 02, 2020

Terrible movie.


Aug 02, 2020

That review was awesome

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