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Dr. Strange in The Multiverse of Madness

I'm one of those fans who've seen every single movie and TV show of this franchise. I love how much effort was put into building this dynasty of storytelling. It took real commitment and yeah, I'm sure the money helped. LOL.

My ass would be in the gym getting muscles too for a 10+ years Marvel/Disney contract. LOL

Anyway, on to my review. I really enjoyed this movie. I actually wouldn't mind seeing it again. I can't think of anything I thought was stupid. I didn't watch any of the previews, so I was pleasantly surprised by who the villain was. I've got to say, they went full insane with this one. I was scared for the characters, because I didn't know what the hell they were going to do to be able to survive.

See, to me, that's what storytelling is all about. Putting the hero and the villain on equal terms. Making each one have to push their limits to achieve their goals. NOT dumbing down one to make the other look good.

This movie also had a lot of violence and horror elements that I didn't expect to see in a Disney film. I apprecinated that. (yes, I spelled that right. it means that I REALLY loved it.)

More importantly, this movie had MAGIC in it. Something I felt was sorely lacking in the first Dr. Strange movie. yeah, I liked that one, but I wanted more effects than the cutting room floor bullshit from Inception. That Kaleidoscope of nonsense in the first film. This movie really showed what kind of magic both Dr. Strange and Scarlet Witch could do. By the way, I love the name 'Scarlet Witch', sounds bad ass and she sure lived up to it. DAMN!

The action was really fun, the plot was pretty good. I understood the motivations in it, which was deeply rooted in pain and loss. Which made the villain a little sympathetic, but it doesn't linger when shit kicks off , because this was one villain you DON'T want to fuck with.

At one point, I was thinking, "damn, maybe you should just give them what they want." LOL

The humor felt natural, not forced and I love Dr. Strange's sarcasm.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT LIKE A BABY WHOSE MOUTH YOU JUST STUFF WITH A PACIFER TO SHUT THEM THE HELL UP. This movie was a little over two hours long and I wanted more. The Batman should have switched their movie time with this one. Bailiff, release this movie and bring me the time wasting fool who arrested it.

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May 20, 2022

Lmao! I’ve watched it twice. And I have to say it was great. I loved everything about this movie.


Cynthia Dean
Cynthia Dean
May 14, 2022

Omg!! I'm still laughing at Ur verdict😂😂😂😂 I live for Ur reviews. I haven't watched it yet due to me being laid up healing. But U got me wanting to run to the theater full speed. Excellent review.

Cynthia Dean
Cynthia Dean
May 15, 2022
Replying to

And I can't wait for that one. Ur gonna have me busting my incisions reading Ur review on that horrible movie.😂😂😂

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