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Dexter S9 - New Blood

Okay, let me say that I'm not one of those fans who hated season 8. it had some good moments like Dexter stabbing one killer through the mattress in front of Dr. Vogul and Deb. That was bad ass.

But yeah, that ending was hot ass garbage on a summer day. Still, I was able to walk away from 8 seasons not feeling like "Why did they even bother?"

Unfortunately, that's how I feel about S9. Why did the writers give me 10 episodes only to screw me over more than before?

I swear, they could have left Dexter a fucking lumberjack if this was their offering.

Let me warn you, this review will have spoilers because I feel like there are things I have to discuss to show you why I was so disappointed.

It started off very promising. A return to the Dexter of old, even though he was a little rusty, having not killed in almost 10 years.

The things that irked me were Harrison's personality and Debs. I feel like her turn at the "Dark Passenger" was all wrong. When Harry did it, he was supportive, helpful and sometimes, wrong, but it was all him wanting to help Dexter. Deb, with all that screaming and violence doesn't add up completely to me, because she accepted Dexter for what he was before she died. Also, he can hardly be blamed for EVERYONE who died in the series.

Harrison, though I got why he was angry, it just dragged on too much and made him a less than interesting character. I felt that his issues should have been addressed in the series before ep. 9 with only one more to go. Now, it becomes a matter of development being rushed.

Angela just having all the clues about Dexter falling into her lap seemed a bit too convenient. She can just be suspicious that Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher, but has no fucking clue, whatsoever, about the serial killer that's been murdering ppl right under her nose for years? She's either clever or dumb as hell, you can't have it both ways.

It was M99 Dexter used to subdue his victims in the first 8 seasons. So, linking Ketomine to the BHB killers doesn't add up. It could easily be a serial killer copy cat. Anyway, it was all substantial. What didn't make sense was Dexter not picking up on her mood. Like why would he dare spend Christmas with her? Doesn't make sense, he would have felt that it was time to leave with Harrison, especially after getting rid of his prey.

But the real Fuck You to fans was that final episode. It just doesn't make sense. Why would Dexter act that way, when he'd been in more serious situations in the past and was sure to be released soon? Why would Harrison flip the switch as if he's the moral compass for the show, when he doesn't have a noble leg to stand on? I'm supposed to believe he had a crises of conscience? Really? Not when he ruined one boy's life, possibly another's wrestling career, and who knows who else.

Man fuck Showtime for this bullshit. Thank God YellowJackets made my subscription worth it, because Dexter's ending left me feeling just as empty as Game of Thrones' ending. I don't even want to watch it again, because it just didn't hold up to the standard of the first 8, yes, I said 8 seasons.

FINAL VERDICT: GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY like a motherfucker! How dare you drag your raggedy ass back into my courtroom after being gone for nine years with this sorry excuse for a "love letter to the fans". I ought beat yo ass for this shit! But, I'll sentence you to hard time instead. 10 years! And may you share a cell with that piece of shit, Season 8 of Game of Thrones and I hope you bring the same misery onto each other that you brought on your unsuspecting fandoms. Bailiff, get this series out of my site! And no, you don't need a season two.

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