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Dangerous Drugs of Sex

Okay, let me first start by saying this movie will NOT be for everyone. It was up my alley because if you've read my New Haven/ Odin Chronicles or Gods and Slaves Series, you know that I'm no stranger to the dark side of sex and torture.

But if you have issues with non con/dub con, this is NOT and I repeat NOT the movie for you.

The story isn't anything too deep, but it also deals with themes of suicide, as the main character tries to jump off a building to his death, thinking he had nothing left to live for.

He is saved by a stranger who has his own way of making him want to live. And I'll just say this movie started OFF not knowing how to act. Just all in my face with naked men in bondage with milking and anal plugs.

This movie was like "Oh, so you think you're ready for me? You think just because you write some shit on paper, that you're ready to see that shit in live action? Alright, sit yo ass down and watch."

And that's what the fuck I did. I couldn't take my eyes off this movie. Thank god the other person I was watching it with was halfway across the country. Because this movie touched me in special ways. I'll call it sadistically sensual, because that's the best way I can describe it. It was wild.

I want to watch it again, with my freaky, kinky ass. I have no shame. I enjoyed the story and the extremely graphic sex scenes.

You can stream this on Gagaoolala.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT WITH YOUR GUILTY ASS! You naughty, filthy, dirty movie! You know you ain't got no damn business doing what you're doing... but damn it. I'm glad you did. Tell me, do you have any friends? Bailiff, set this crazy ass movie free.

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1 Comment

Jul 10, 2022

Well Mr.B, I can say it is nice to be back in your filthy fucking world. The choice of my ROYAL ass to be away was not my own. That being said, I have not watched television for the past 12 years, however since I am a Switch that prefers the dark twisted flavor of my bdsm, I will watch this movie and see if it trips my Sadomasochistic trigger..... I have missed your world....

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