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Creed III - Movie Review

I am a fan of the Rocky movies, I've seen all of them except the last one called "Rocky". It's on my list. The first two and the forth are my favorites.

I still need to see Creed 1, but I did see Creed 2 and enjoyed it a lot.

So, I was ready to watch this movie and the reviews I'd been hearing were mixed, with some ppl saying they were disappointed.

For my take on the movie, I thought it was really good. I think John M as a villain to Apollo was believable and he played his part well, because I really wanted him to catch those hands. I was invested in the characters and cared about what their issues were and could see all sides of their stories.

Solid plotline, In my opinion. Kept me intrigued. There was some predictability here and a there, Like I called a plot twist long before it was revealed. I could hear he audience surprise when it happened.

Also, there was totally moments where you could feel Sly Stallone's absence. Moments where you're like, see, Rocky would give you the best advice right here.

But I think the movie held it's own without him. I liked what another coach character had to say throughout the movie. he kind of filled Rocky's role. But if they do a Creed 4, Rocky would take it up a few notches.

The action/boxing scenes were great. I mean, I was into what was going down in the ring, and some of the artistic approaches to the fights didn't take me out of the intensity.

What I will say, that I haven't heard mentioned much, that I was SOOOO happy about was that it didn't follow the cliched formula all fight movies seem to have.

Where the fighter is down and out, getting their ass whooped for round after round.... you know they'll pull it together, but first, the movie puts you through the "will they/won't they" BS. And at the last minute... oh, the rockets start firing off and the hero music is cued and the fighter manages to dig deep inside themselves and find the will, power and fire to face the Eye of the Tiger in the final hour.

Yeah, that shit is tired and played out. you don't get there here and it made for a refreshing take on boxing/fight movies. It also gave the scenes more suspense, because you really didn't know how it was going to turn out. I was on the edge of my seat.

Also, the training montages were entertaining to watch too. Gotta have those.

So my ruling and...

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT AND SEXY. oh yeah, my eyeballs were soaking up all the baby-oiled, muscled flesh from head to toes. Movie, you keep that up and you'll always get me in the seat. And I saw this is IMAX, so every curve was glorified. Bailiff, you can let this movie slowly walk away. Slowly, cause I've got my eyes on you.

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