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Bridgerton Season Two Review

These ppl on Bridgerton are some of the most stubborn ass idiots I've seen in a while. They're the kind of ppl who would go to a buffet and hold up the damn line because they wouldn't be able to make a decision and follow through.

Spoilers ahead, so if you haven't watched at least S1, you will get some major spoilers.

I lost count of how many times Kate and Anthony made the statement "it's all my fault" and STILL didn't bother to learn anything from their mistakes. Episode after episode, the same merry-go-round.

Most of the characters do nothing for me. I really like Porcha F. She keeps things interesting. And love Kate's sister, Edwina. She has layers and was so charismatic. The next season could put her front and center.

Eloise, I think that's her name, whatever, I don't really care about her character either. She found herself a commoner to have a frustrating will they/won't they romance with. Their little courtship was boring to me. I was playing Toon Blast.

And is it me, or does the middle Bridgerton brother look older than Anthony, who is supposed to be the eldest? Also, he is extremely boring to me. Maybe because I thought he'd be bisexual since S1. But alas, no such luck, and a missed opportunity to give him depth other than just being the middle brother and a painter. That would have been an interesting scandal for that shadow-skulkiing, nosy ass, yellow dressed backstabber, Penelope, to gossip about.

And speaking of her, with friends like her, who needs enemies? Half the crap she wrote wasn't even her own ideas. One of the best scenes this season was Eloise cutting ties.

I enjoyed the verbal ass whooping Penelope got. It was well deserved.

And NO! I don't want Penelope to get the man she betrayed ppl who trusted her for. Love denied! Now, take this broken heart and go sit your ass down somewhere!

Anthony could have avoided all of this by just proposing to the woman who got his dick hard. Why did these two have to go through all that just to admit their feelings. Shit was frustrating. I've seen mules less stubborn.

I also love the Queen. She has a room all for her wigs, I'm sure. And Lady Danbury are my favorites characters. Simon was hot, but his character was a stubborn idiot too, but damn he was fine to look at.

I also like the black dude who was a boxer, but now owns the gentleman's club. I like him. And the girl who was pregnant is S1 who Penelope did wrong. Their names escape me, but you know who I'm talking about. Lol

All in all, I enjoyed this season. Probably more than last season.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT like everyone who Yellow Dress has pushed under the carriage. Half my joy with this show is waiting to see what someone is wearing or eating. Lol.

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