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Blue Beetle - Movie Review

This movie left me with feelings of the mixed variety.

I think I've hit the point that I would have NEVER thought would come to me.

Superhero movie fatigue. But really, it's just a particular type.

I found myself only mildly entertained throughout the movie mainly because everything was predictable right down to the "almost kiss" mid movie. Yes, yes, that must wait until after the hero saves the day and gets the girl.

I'm bored with the heroes who claim "They will never kill". Even when they're up against someone who is giving 💯% trying to kill them and anyone else they can. Like, while you over there with your goodie Two Shoes on, getting your ass whooped and letting other ppl get hurt because you're holding back--this mofo right here gives zero fucks.

I think I'm just finding those types of characters to be flat. I'd much rather see a hero who will kill when they need to and restrain when they don't. That makes them unpredictable to me, and no less a hero than anyone else risking their lives to save the many.

Having said that, as those were my main gripes about not only this movie, but so many others.

( I'm really looking forward to this Wolverine/Deadpool movie. )

I also had to side-eye how certain ppl just knew how to operate weapons and machinery they've never seen before, the first time using it with no practice.

Yes, there was some funny bits for me. Probably more for others as humor is subjective.

The fight scenes were on point. Very good and you got to see that skill was needed, not just smash smash like with Shazam.

The special effects were much better than the Flash by leaps and bounds. I liked how they did the suit.

Plotline was decent, nothing original and main villain was your run of the mill baddie. And the boss battle was standard for first time superheros. If you're a comic book fan, then you know what I mean.

I enjoyed the family, even though sometimes they were annoying (one or two members) but that is family.

Another thing that is bugging me about Hollywood, when the main character is BIPOC, is the music selection. It's such a stereotype to assume everything needs to be hip-hop/rap or Latin. Some ppl love rock, heavy metal, classical, contemporary, jazz, disco, dubstep, alternative, etc. FFS.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT like the ppl on that bus. I know I had some complaints, but overall, it was still a fun movie with great action and nice pacing that kept me interested. Bailiff, this movie is free to go.

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