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Blood Randsom

You ever look at a movie and say... "how much more do I have to take?" then you look at the time remaining and say: "oh lord, have mercy!"

Well, I just did. This motherfucking movie right here... I needed to watch this for a movie day or something. It's soooo damn bad that you need to watch it with friends so you can properly roast the shit out of it.

Blood Ransom needs to pay me the ransom money for holding me prisoner and torturing me for 2 hours.

I'll post a full review if I survive the horridness of this movie.

Okay... Now here is my full review.

This movie was a mess from beginning to end. I STILL don't know the names of the main characters or why the male and female were a couple. The movie never took the time to developed the characters or their relationships. So you are watching the movie and couldn't care less about anyone because the movie never introduced you to these characters.

The editing was so damn choppy. Which also hurt whatever story this movie was trying to tell. For instance, the main vampire guy (don't know his name or why he wants this woman so badly or why she decided to try to become a vampire in the first place) has his henchman assassin track down the main chick who was kidnapped by someone for whatever reasons. Was never stated in the movie. The henchman whose name I also don't know locates the warehouse where the girl was being kept. But her boyfriend got to her before the henchman. Now, mind you, this is all taking place at night, but when they, all three, exit the same warehouse, the sun is coming out. WTF? They were just inside the damn building for less than three mins? The fucking sun don't rise that damn fast!

This movie was like: "shut up viewer, I do what I want! Cash me outside, how about that? Fuck continuity and fuck you!"

The sex scene was the longest scene in the whole movie And I didn't give a damn about it. Still didn't know the characters' names at that point either. The plot was all over the place as was the atrocious acting. How the fuck you trying to be dramatic and can't act? Face looking like stone while you over here delivering lines with zero emotion. Go have a seat!

Those are 2 hours of my life I could have spent playing candy crush while sitting on the toilet. I'll never get that time back again.

FINAL VERDICT: Guilty of boring me to death, and on Halloween, no less. Shame on you, movie! I give this movie a life sentence in a federal maximum state prison with no chance for parole.

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Taina Welch
Taina Welch
Dec 13, 2020

Lol, awwww helll im not looking at this then...


Dec 04, 2020

It is a damn shame when someone is held prisoner, tortured, and could not enjoy it. Plus, giving props to candy crush and the toilet in the same thought.... Rock on Mr Bella...

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