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Black Adam - Movie Review

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Those of you who know me already knew my ass would be in a seat the moment this bad boy hit theaters. The Rock AND Superhero movie AND with an MC who kills. Ahhhh shit son! Stick a fork (or preferably, the Rock's cock in me) I'm done!

Next to Man of Steel, Batman (some movies), and Wonder Woman, this is my favorite DC movie. I did also love B vs. S and JL (Snyder version) but this had something I enjoyed seeing. A "hero" who had no problem killing ppl who need to go. None of that self righteous BS from BA. Although, the script made sure you got it from the other heroes in the movie.

I loved the diversity. And the action was filmed in a way that you could see it. After the mega whining ppl did about all the death in MoS, DC is a whole lot more. Enjoy your day. 😂

Now, this movie isn't without its flaws. The story isn't original one bit. There are annoying characters whose selfish deeds put others in jeopardy. Buffy was bad at this too. Like, as soon as someone close to them is in danger, they give the villain what they want , then hope for the best. And what superhero film would be complete without the beam in the sky?

The kid in the movie was annoying, but not as annoying as a kid in the Jurassic Park franchise.

Some of the CGI did look cartoonish. They had that She-Hulk team come in after the LoTR team left. That's the only explanation.

Yes, it's predictable, hard to find a superhero movie that isn't. But it was fun and entertaining.

Stay for that 1 after credit scene. That's all imma say about that.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT! LORD JESUS THAT AFTER CREDIT SCENE DAMN NEAR PUT ME IN THE ICU! You have to warn a mofo before you put THAT much damn delectable man meat in front of my horny eyes! Movie, you are so free to go. And I'll see you later.( Wink). Bailiff, release this beautiful man-er- I mean movie.

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