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A Frozen Flower - Movie Review

Man, this was a breath of fresh air on par with the BL series History: Trapped. I'm always looking for quality gay movies that aren't all coming of age, or romantic comedies, or some tragic drama.

I can deal with those movies, but I also want to see some thriller, horrors, action and adventure, supernatural, sci Fi, and suspense in the gay genre too.

This movie checked off most of those boxes.

Of course, you know it's going to be a problem when the king as to produce and heir, but he can't. In this instance, it's because he's gay as all hell. So, after speaking with the Queen about their options, he orders his lover and chief protector to serve the queen to get him an heir. That will help stave off a plot to overthrow him from the thrown.

A part of me can't help but feel a bit sorry for the king. He can't help that he's gay and living in a society that would not accept him for it. So, he has to hide it. I also felt for the queen, as her sole purpose is to produce his heir.

But, shit does kick off and I did find myself highly intrigued.

Especially the scene where the King questions his lover regarding his whereabouts the night before.

He's like (and I'm paraphrasing) "where the fuck was your ass at last night, because it wasn't in MY bed?"

And dude had to think quick, he was like, "um, shit. Ummm I was reading a book in the library".

"All damn night?"

" It was an engrossing book"

"Oohh, well tell me about this book that had you sooo fucking captivated."

Man, the king questioned his ass about that book like he was doing a report for school. 😂

Basically, he was like, you better NOT be giving my dick to anyone but me.

The king was put in a bad situation because of what happened between them. It's not like he could just let that shit slide, over and over again, especially with so many ppl knowing there may be a scandal brewing.

His lover and queen were pretty selfish, if you ask me. Sometimes, you can't have who or what you want. Or the life you want. And their pursuit of that affected more than just them. They didn't think about the ramifications of their actions.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT like them mofos who were just doing their jobs and got caught up. I'd hate to be a personal servant of royalty when their asses is up to no good. Movie, you did a great job entertaining me. However, I will say you were gratuitous with them damn straight sex scenes, and stingier than a fucking toddler with a bag of chips with that gay sex scene. I should hold your ass in contempt for that unbalanced shit, but I'll let it slide because you gave me a great plot and action.

Bailiff, release this film this instant.

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