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A Fall From Grace

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

One day this week, my friend and I were looking for something to watch and she suggested this movie. I was like, "Sure, why not." I had no idea how those three simple words would doom me for the next 2 hours.

Now, I'm not a fan of Tyler Perry's movies. Back in the day, I thought his plays were funny. I'd fast forward past all the singing. But his movies... they are a dime a dozen. But this movie right here lowered it to a nickel for two dozen. Just a warning, this will be a spoiler review because I really can't get into how terrible this movie was without telling you why.

First off, it starts with a bunch of media chatter about a current case that's supposed to be hot in the news. The Public Defenders office gets assigned the case and they're so broke, the boss is happy the woman wants to plead guilty, so they don't have to go to court. What kind of fly by night public defender office is this? You know, some people are innocent and need a good attorney. Oh, that's another thing, the attorney is one of the shittiest ones I've ever seen on TV. She was a joke.

Her cop husband was a joke too. This mofo be handcuffing people, but never arrests them. Just tell them to stay still while he runs off to do something else. And of course, the perp runs away.

There is so much WRONG with this plot, I can't even. But I'll try.

1. The courtship scenes went on too damn long. Like 40 mins of watching them go on the lamest dates and have the most boring conversations.

2. the wigs. The motherfucking wigs. Whose idea was it to have these rugs on top of people's heads?

3. the extras in the background mugging the camera, not eating the food, but pretending like they are and being in the background too long looking like they are faking it the whole time. It's supposed to look organic like a conversation is going on, they didn't pull it off. A better director and editor would have fixed that. Oh, and did I mention Tyler didn't even have the common sense to put liquid in their glasses? Because he didn't.

4. Boom mics in the scenes. Tyler is a billionaire out here making shoestring budget errors like he's Rudy Ray Moore.

5. Grace is fired from her job for supposedly stealing over $300K, yet the bosses tell her she has 24 hours to return it. Umm, that's not how that works. She would have been investigated and arrested for embezzlement. If Tyler Perry bothered to do five minutes of research, he would have known that while he's out here bragging about not having a writers' room and his lazy ass work ethic. Sure, anyone can write 19 scripts if they don't concern themselves with logic and facts.

6. Once she had evidence that her husband had stolen the money and forged her name on documents concerning her home, she should have called the police.

7. How are you going to have a murder trial with no body? A half-way competent lawyer would have pointed that out. Also, one would have used the proof of him stealing from her as a reasonable doubt that he ran off with her money. Grace didn't have to plead guilty to an unknown murder at all.

8. I notice how Tyler breezed through the court witness scene in that montage scene. Like who were those people? And what were they testilying to? That was a copout way to avoid having to make the plot make sense.

9. She bashed the shit out of his head. He should have been dead. This mofo pops up later with a bandaid on his head and two black eyes. No, NO, Hell NO! He's supposed to be dead after what she did. At the least, a comatose person with no brain activity. Fuck you, Tyler Perry for that shit. You thought you were really clever, patting yourself on the back, I'm sure. You need to kick yourself in the ass, instead.

10. The ending... by the time the ending came, I was so mentally exhausted with the sheer stupidity of the plot, I've never been so happy to see credits rolling.

FINAL VERDICT: GUILTY PIECE OF SHIT LIKE TYLER PERRY'S WIG. I've rarely seen such a malicious violation of cinema that I have seen in this movie. Never before has something filmed on a multimillion-dollar set been so cheap. I sentence this movie to the death penalty. Only God can have mercy on your soul. Ballif, get this retched bastard out of my sight!

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1 Comment

Akasha Dorsey
Akasha Dorsey
Feb 24, 2020

I no longer watch his movies because they are ALL so unbelievable, contrived, misinformed and poorly made! It reminds me that he should seek help from a writer instead of his own mind. Your review could have been for any of his movies!

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