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I knew as soon as I saw Sarah Paulson's ass on the cover, that this movie was about to be wild. Sarah is one hell of an actress, it's about time to give her an Oscar if she doesn't already have one. Or an Emmy. Anyway, she pissed me off in this movie, which is a testament to her performance. The movie, to its credit, didn't take all day to get to the point of this mother being the "dearest" of them all.

You couldn't help but be worried for the girl, to panic for her and struggle with her, which is a testament to that actress' acting ability. The tension was well-paced, I was never bored with the movie and the plot reveals came nicely as you slowly began to unravel just what in the sam hell is going on around here?

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT LIKE A KID PLAYING WITH THEIR DOLLS, even the ones who be making their dolls fuck. Yeah, if you're looking for high tension and stakes, this will scratch that itch.

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