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Join Today and Unlock Awesome Exclusives

Want to get access to all kinds of exclusives for your eyes only and rewards, too? Join the VIP Lounge and become the ultimate fan.  Take a minute to check out what's in store for members.

 *To show my gratitude, All  Active VIP Members will have their names listed in published books. 

  * Annual Plans are  15% discount off 

You Like to be Teased.




Every 6 months

For the Bellaholic that likes a little something special.

Valid until canceled

Book Cover Reveal

Blurb Reveal

Access to Exclusive Member Merch

Exclusive Teasers

Oh, So You Like A Little Extra.




Every 6 months

For the Bellaholic that enjoys a good time.

Valid until canceled

Dark Fairy Tales Series

1st Chapter Reveal

Listen to the first chapter of an unreleased NB audiobook

Everything from previous tier

I See You Like Treating Yourself.




Every 6 months

For the Bellaholic that loves to treat themselves.

Valid until canceled

Access to exclusive stories & deleted scenes

ARC of WIP Books

Free audiobooks & ebooks that are non-exclusive

Holiday Cards in December

Everything from the previous tiers

Oh! Go On With Your Bad Self.




Every 6 months

For the Bellaholic that wants to really show out.

Valid until canceled

One Consigliere key chain (This Tier Only)

"Bellaholic Badass" sticker with birthday card

Everything from previous tiers

You Just Want To Be Spoiled.

The Boss



Every 6 months

For the Bellaholic that just wants to be spoiled.

Valid until canceled

Monthly hand-written letter from Nick or characters

One The Boss keychain. (This Tier Only)

2 Signed PBs per year *Your Choice*. (US Only./ INT Opt.)

Have a character named after you. Books or web series

Random gifts throughout the year

Everything from previous tiers

You Don't Like to Deny Yourself Anything.




Every 6 months

"Limited Spaces" For the Bellaholic that enjoys the finer things in life.

Valid until canceled

One Royalty dog tag pendant

One Loyal Royal T-Shirt (Int. S/H opt.)

One Royalty Magnet

You Get to Name a Character (first or last or nickname)

Opportunity to add story input

A Valentine's Day Card annually

Royal Swag Bag (Every 6 months)

Annual Gift

Everything from previous tiers

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