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Subscription Plans

All Sales are Final regarding Subscription plans.  You may cancel them at any time, and they will not renew for the month/semi-annual/annual plan. 


The benefits of joining my VIPs directly: You have the convenience of selecting the date your fees are deducted. You also have a choice in paying using a credit card, Paypal, or Affirm, which allows you to buy now and pay over time.  As well as these other methods. 




How it Works

Once active, you will have immediate access to all of the content at your tier.  You can always upgrade or downgrade to tiers by canceling and simply subscribing to the desired tier and not lose your seniority if you have a consistent membership.  

^This is the alternative to Patreon, which was giving me far too much trouble to keep.  I can give you all the stories Patreon wouldn't allow.  

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