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TV Show Review - Cobra Kai

With 5 seasons in, I think I can go on ahead and write a review about this series.

I think what I love most is just how crazy the concept is. I swear, it's like one of those wild ass sport animes. That's the best way to describe it.

The villain's sinister plan... is to make Cobra Kai the number one dojo. And the heroes are like "We've got to stop him before he takes over the whole valley!"

Tell me that ain't some anime shit. LOL

Is this the final season? Hell, I don't know. They still have The Next Karate Kid to grab Hilary Swank's ass from and whoever her villain was. I forgot. that one wasn't one of my favorites. Only saw it once.

But this series just makes me smile. The nostalgia alone with worth the price of admission. I love how they go back in time, to tell the characters' POV through flashback scenes from the movies.

This season, like every season before it, had me cracking up. Chozen was MVP to me. I had no idea what I was in store for when S4 ended with Chosen and Danny agreeing to work together. But damn, am I a happy camper. I love this series so much, I didn't even know we were going into season 5! I thought it was season 4.

The fight scenes are really good, you can tell they keep practicing to be able to do more choreography. I was very happy at the tender moments and the fact that loose ends got tied up. Johnny went between being wise, to being dumb as a box of bricks.

I've got a question though? where in the hell are the parents of these kids? Like do you NOT see your kids stay in karate fighting trouble? Not one damn parent has come down to the dojo to ask any one of these senseis what the fuck is going on in their damn dojos, and why is my kid kicking my ass when I tell him it's time for bed?

Basically, if this was the final season, I'd be okay with that because of the way it ended, left me very satisfied. But if they have one more season in them... I. Am. Here. For. It!

Cobra Kai, never dies!

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT LIKE MR. MIYAGI LEGACY. Daniel-son and Johnny-son, I thank you for digging up the past, dusting it off, popping in that 80s soundtrack and giving me something highly entertaining and new. Bailiff, quickly now, move your ass and get this series out of my courtroom before a fight breaks out.

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