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Transformers - Rise of the Beast Movie Review

I've seen all of the Transformers movies, some I really enjoyed, some I thought were straight trash.

This one was a lot of fun. there were some genuinely funny jokes, new interesting characters, and nice action.

The special effects looked good too. There was this one scene where a transformer morphed that was slowed down so you got to see how cool it was and the character's reaction was hilarious.

The villain reminded me of Silver Surfer or Steppenwolf from Justice League. But still entertaining and formidable enemy to our heroes.

There was only one character and one scene in particular that made me roll my eyes. I am so sick of the last-minute hero speech. The one the main character has to hear to get back into the fight. Yeah, that one. Sometimes it's delivered well, but most of the time it's a cliched mess. In this movie, it was the latter.

I was already annoyed with the character to begin with, so the fact that he even needed to have a 'Never Give up" speech was asinine. And it took away from the more exciting action that was going down. He didn't become even a little bit useful until the end of the movie.

Other than that, I had a great time and the voices of these transformers were damn impressive. It was awesome that the man who voiced Optimus Prime in the cartoon did it for the movie.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT for everything except that run-of-the-mill pp talk scene. That was so corny, I damn near walked out of the theater in the middle of it. You're getting a warning infraction for that one. Now, Bailiff, this movie is free to go and give chuckles and smiles.

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