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The Color Purple - Movie Review

Okay, I'll start this review off by saying that I didn't know anything about this remake. I didn't know who the cast was and I didn't see any trailers. I just went to the show on Christmas Day because my fam wanted to see it.

I LOVE the original movie and have watched it multiple times, so I wasn't all that enthused to see a remake.

But as soon as the movie started this was me:

Now, I will tell you that musicals aren't my thing, Baby. I have a few that I love and they were done in a way that, to me, only added to the story.

Chicago with Richard Gere some Disney movies, and Little Shop of Horrors. Now, there are movies with songs I them like Victor/Victoria, Torch Song Trilogy, and Austin Powers, but that's my vibe.

Getting back to TCP, I didn't really like any other the songs. Save the two from the original that stood out, like "Sista" and "God is trying to tell you something". But that's mainly due to the performances of the actors. Those songs held more impact, to be honest.

Especially the last one. In the original movie, you see her at the juke joint doing her thing, and mother and daughter's voices reach out to each other and the love the mother had to reunite with her family brought her to that church, singing her heart out.

You don't get that with the musical. So, that scene--though heartwarming-- wasn't as dynamic to me. Layers were missing.

And I'd say that about the other songs too. Some of the songs didn't tell the story further, but just seemed like sections that took away from the movie here and there.

The plotline did stick to the original/book and you did feel for the characters and were happy when they were happy. I did enjoy the movie.

However, I don't ever need to see it again. I'll take the original.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT LIKE TWO GIRLS PLAYING ON A TREE BRANCH. and yes, I did apprecinate the cameo. Bailiff, you can release this movie to go sing on a stage.

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