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Movie Review - I Came By

This movie is currently in Netflix's top ten at the time of this review.

I like movies where ppl fuck with the wrong person. And this one has taken some twists and turns I didn't see coming and I love the unpredictability.

However, it still has a bunch of dumb characters in it. But not as bad as some movies.

Possible Spoiler coming up in




This prestigious former judge has a very dark secret, and those who figure it out haven't had any luck getting him caught no matter how much they get the police involved. Isn't that always the case?

But what makes them stupid is why you break into a suspected killer's home with only your good intentions? How about having a plan? Maybe even a weapon? A back up play in case you fail? Anything would be better than what you're doing.




Spoiler over.

This movie didn't have a lot of gore or even that much violence. Hell, it barely justifies the TVMA rating. But I did enjoy the plot and villain.

Once again, ppl don't turn on the lights, and wonder why they don't see a threat coming. Oops upside your head goes the bat.

FINAL VERDICT INNOCENT LIKE A PUPPY WITH YOUR SHOE. I enjoyed the movie, liked that the hero was unexpected. It did try to avoid most movie cliches of this genre, and I commend it. Bailiff, release this movie this instant.

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