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Movie Review: 365 DNI

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Well, this movie trended on Netflix, as it was highly anticipated because of all the hot sex that was promised. I watched this movie the first day it released on the all-mighty N.

I know you have all been waiting with bated breath and on pins and needles for this review from Yours Truly. The wait is over.

This movie was a hot ass motherfucking mess.

The plot was so thin, it was see-thru. Man sees a woman he wants, so he kidnaps her and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. Basically, he was being very generous, because she was easy prey. Her resistance level was like 1 out of a scale of 1-10. The appeal of these types of stories, if you're going to go there, is to add conflict. To add protest. There was barely any on her part. She was so easily swayed by the cock, it was laughable.

And I'm not one of those ppl that complain about the forced sex aspect. I knew what I was about to watch. I knew to expect non-con or dubious consent. This was supposed to be a dark tale, but I felt it was the diet coke of dark erotica. it was the Coke Zero of bad boy mafia.

The dialogue was stale and unimaginative. No real threat, no action, and the soundtrack was terrible. it was like the person who was in charge of the music, didn't know what sexy music sounded like. Not one sexy song in the movie and because of that, the music threw me out of the scenes.

Yes, the blow jobs were graphic. The sex scenes were graphic, but not sensual. I don't know... just did nothing for me. Maybe I would have tolerated it a little more if it was some man on man action. I'm just over hetero sex scenes, especially when they are accompanied by the wrong music.

I liked the clothes, but far too many dress montages when that time could have been better spent on developing characters, plot, and motivations.

He was handsome, but his fuck faces made me laugh. This movie must have been produced in Wisconsin because there was some major fucking cheese throughout.

One viewing is enough for me, thank you.

FINAL VERDICT: GUILTY AS SIN. Get yo low grade, want to be edgy ass the fuck out of my courtroom. I sentence you to 10 years hard time. Maybe then, you'll learn how to put some balls into your bad boy, not just into a woman's mouth.

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