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Flash - Movie Review

I'm actually kind of conflicted with this one.

Barring the controversy with Ezra, I'm just not that big a fan of his version of the Flash. I find his way of jittery talking to be annoying. It's one of the reasons I didn't care for The Amazing Spiderman movies or Shia's character in the transformers movies.

So, it was a lot more of that in this film, which was a bit grating. However, there were also some genuinely funny moments and decent action.

This premise is based off the Flashpoint Paradox. If you've seen the cartoon, it's so much better. I mean, the cartoon had Wonder Woman and Aquaman battling it out.

But, if you're trying to keep the threat real and the war on a smaller scale, going with Zod is a nice twist. The battle was pretty contained and ppl who complained about the deaths in Man of Steel never need to worry again. Because apparently, DC will make sure you don't see the real impact of any threat.

Thanks a lot. (In my sarcastic voice) These ppl are why we have Director's Cuts.

Anyway, the plot was cool, it moved at a nice pace. The CGI was Playstation 1 quality. I mean, some of the effects made Toy Story look real. I heard that it was done of purpose to show Flash's perspective, but that's not how it was in other movies. And from an audiences perspective, it was uncalled for. It also took you out of the scene from it being a serious situation because so much looked like cartoons.

I will say that for the whole point of Barry going back in time... You don't really get to connect him with his parents. So, I feel like a bit more time could have been spent on that. Just ten mins or so to really deepen the relationship.

Michael Keaton stole the show, still the best Batman. but I'm sure you already knew that. His scenes were worth the price of admission.

Another thing that left me conflicted was knowing that these characters like Wonder Woman aren't going to be back. So, not sure how much has changed, so it was bittersweet.

Couple of cameos and if you know, then you know.

FINAL VERDICT: Innocent like the one baby that didn't look like that horrible CGI baby in the Twilight movie. Flash, you're a mixed bag and barely got away with the crime of shitty CGI and annoying MC. Not sure if I'll see you again, because James Gun done gotten rid of all my favorite characters. But hey, you were tons better than Shazam--both of them. Bailiff, release this goofy ass mofo.

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