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Bullet Train

I saw this today to treat myself. This movie had some funny moments, but I felt it was trying too hard to be clever and stylish.

It was trying to be Guy Ritchie's Snatch or The Gentlemen with some Quentin Tarantino thrown in.

But it just didn't flow. Something's went by so fast, you missed details. Some accents were thick and the actors spoke fast, so you damn near needed subtitles.

Some character's actions were stupid in order to justify them staying on the train and looking for shit. People not expressing themselves or allowing someone to answer the question they asked. Was typical of lazy writing.

I did enjoy the action scenes. And I cackled at some of the humor. Some scenes/jokes fell flat. The storyline was okay.

FINAL VERDICT: ON PROBATION. That's right, you heard me, movie. With your wanting-to-be-a-slicker-film-copy-cat ass. Bailiff, you can set this movie free, but we'll keep an eye on it.

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